SDA posts DRAFT Solicitation Seeking Feedback on Potential Tranche 1 Tracking Layer

Original Response Date: January 7, 2022

SDA has released a DRAFT solicitation for a potential Tracking Layer for Tranche 1 of the National Defense Space Architecture. The draft solicitation provides an opportunity for industry to review and offer feedback in advance of final posting. SDA is considering an “other transactions” (OT) prototyping effort to accelerate the NDSA capability to provide global, persistent indications, warning, tracking, and identification of both traditional and advanced missile threats, including hypersonic missile systems.

SDA plans to buy up to 28 Tracking Tranche 1 space vehicles that will fly in four highly-inclined planes, from up to two vendors. Broadly, SDA will leverage high-technology readiness level (TRL) capabilities and commoditized components where possible, starting from Tranche 0’s Tracking requirements baseline and including some targeted technology enhancements over those capabilities on the path to a fully operational pLEO Missile Warning and Tracking Layer.

The fiscal year 2022 priority mission partner is U.S. Indo-Pacific Command, and the long-term vision is to field a system that provides a resilient global capability to all Combatant Commands as rapidly and affordably as possible. The procurement is, of course, subject to funding from Congress, which is not yet fully determined for fiscal year 2022 and beyond. Industry feedback is requested by January 7, 2022 and SDA hopes to post the final solicitation in the near future.