SDA's Support Layer will enable ground systems and launch capabilities to support a responsive and resilient space architecture.

The SDA Support Layer will enable a common, resilient ground support infrastructure necessary to enable the space-based capabilities of the other layers to transmit, receive, process, exploit and disseminate data. Fundamentally, this infrastructure must manage the constellation, host and execute tactical command and control (C2) capabilities, host mission processing and BMC3 applications, task and manage ground-based communication gateways, connect across secure long-haul communications networks, implement in-band and out-of-band cyber security systems and provide for general constellation computing, networking and storage capabilities. Integrating advanced C2 concepts, such as multi-band phased array and optical antennas, and aligning with U.S. Space Force's Enterprise Ground System are fundamental to SDA's approach. Finally, this infrastructure must be deployable to satellite operations centers world-wide, facilitate human-on the loop, and "lights out" operations and provide for satellite operator training.

In addition, the Support Layer facilitates launch acquisition, space vehicle integration and satellite operations for all other SDA Layers.