SDA’s Custody Layer will provide 24/7, all-weather custody of time-sensitive, left-of-launch surface mobile targets to support targeting for advanced weapons.

The SDA Custody layer will maintain track for left-of-launch time-critical targets and enable the creation of a targeting solution from the sensor to the warfighter in operationally relevant timelines through increasing levels of automation.

SDA’s Custody Layer is exploring technical areas including, but not limited to:

  • Improvements in automated processing and fusion of data from traditional space-based sensing payloads (e.g., visible, infrared, RF, synthetic aperture radar, and multispectral),
  • Design of a multi-phenomenology fusion architecture that enables the agile incorporation of new algorithms,
  • Identification and exploration of novel sensing phenomenologies to enable maintaining custody of threat targets,
  • Reduction in latency of processing, exploitation and dissemination of data for time sensitive targeting solutions especially for targets in a denied environment, and
  • Memory management and target hypothesis distribution from one satellite node to the next.