SDA RFI Seeks Industry Feedback on BMC3

SDA released a Request for Information (RFI) for an integrated and interoperable Battle Management, Command, Control, and Communications (BMC3) capability for proliferated space architectures. Ideally, the time needed to execute a given kill chain should be driven entirely by the time it takes for a commander to authorize weapons release and the weapon’s (or weapons’) engagement time. SDA’s long-term vision for BMC3 is to remove latency drivers from time-sensitive kill chains, such as access to situational awareness, operational decision support, and execution of the commander’s decisions. SDA believes resilient, space-based sensing, data transport, and BMC3 are enablers for this vision. The RFI seeks feedback on in-space and ground-based BMC3 capabilities to inform SDA’s Tranche 1 solicitations. SDA is interested in feedback on technical and acquisition challenges related to BMC3.