DoD Civilian Acquisition Workforce Personnel Demonstration Project (AcqDemo)

The Department of Defense (DoD) AcqDemo is a human resource management system that transforms civilian personnel management policies and procedures to better support DoD’s acquisition mission. Specifically, AcqDemo aims to provide a system that retains, recognizes, and rewards employees for their contributions, and supports their personal and professional development. Most SDA civilian positions fall under the AcqDemo management system.

In AcqDemo, professions are organized into four broadband salary groups (I through IV), not General Schedule (GS) Grades or Steps. Instead, our flexible and responsive personnel management system offers employees the opportunity to grow within their positions, in salary and in responsibility.

AcqDemo provides several advantages:

• Offers potential for faster advancement than the standard federal promotion process
• Grants supervisors the flexibility to adequately compensate (salaries and awards) employees
• Links employee work assignments to the organization’s mission
• Expands training and development opportunities across a variety of platforms

AcqDemo promotes a culture where the contributions of SDA civilian employees are recognized and rewarded. Minimum and maximum pay ranges are created throughout the broadband levels. AcqDemo uses the salary ranges from the banded GS grades. For example, the entry-level pay rate of any given broadband level is that of the lowest GS grade (Step One), and so forth. Likewise, pay ranges adjust periodically with natural overlap in the GS Grade salaries generally occurring in January of each year.

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